TPS Engage Technology


One for all, all for one

With TPS Engage, you get access to the majority of digital screens available (we’re always adding more!) through one single platform. Immediately see rates, inventory and data for each of the screens so you can plan your campaign without all the hassle.


Context is king

We know you want your ad to reach the audience at the perfect moment. Which is why we offer a built in AI tool to dynamically plan your multiple creatives based on various contexts – weather, time of day, pedestrian traffic, auto traffic and more.


Data is queen

All of this would be nothing without the analytics to support it. Within TPS Engage you will an exhaustive dashboard with all the data you need to measure your campaign, as well as the possibility to immediately export the report.


Test and improve

With TPS Engage you can buy a minimum of 1 hour – meaning the platform is perfect for any type of advertiser. This way, you can do real time campaigns without the hassle of having to secure networks for a large period of time or commit large budgets from the beginning.



Our personal favorite is the possibility to create custom conditions for showing your ads. A certain product not performing as good as it should? Link your data and automatically have that product streamed to DOOH in a predefined creative template to boost performance.


Custom integration

Have a specific scenario in mind? TPS can be easily custom fitted to solve complex and unique challenges. Get in touch and let us help you disrupt the market!

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