$100.000 crypto fund for digital billboards – Details and FAQ

May 10, 2021 | TPS Engage

If you’re here, you’ve probably read about the $100.000 crypto fund we’ve set out for alt-coins that are buying billboards. If not, here’s what all that’s about.

Crypto billboard advertising fund

Simply put, we’ll be redirecting the profit we make from cryptocurrencies using our service to advertise themselves into a fund that the same cryptocurrencies can access.

Why? Because we’re on the same mission – making the world more transparent, decentralized and open. Coincidentally, our tool does that with digital billboards, so it only makes sense for us to show support where we can.

What do we do? We’re an open tool that anyone can use to advertise on digital billboards on hourly rates that are so affordable you can’t believe it. The most expensive hourly advertising we have available is $300 and that’s in Times Square, just so you get an idea.

Now, on the burning questions.

Where’s the money coming from? 

We’re redirecting our profits towards the companies that are using our platform to buy billboards. We’re making sure cryptocurrencies are getting the best deal out there so they can not get overcharged when buying billboards.

How does it work?

If you use the TPS Engage platform to advertise and are a cryptocurrency, you’ll receive credits in your account.

What if I didn’t advertise yet? 

We’re working on a solution for this as well. You can apply here and the moment we have something live for you, we’ll reach out.

What kind of billboards can I access through TPS Engage? 

We’re connected to over 300.000 digital billboards all across the world.

What if I have a better offer for digital billboards? 

We’ll do our best to match it. However, we’re confident that through our model we can offer the most efficient use of your budget – meaning we can optimize spend to only run at key hours, instead of running ads at 3-4 AM when there are not a lot of people there to see it.

Can you help with creative/visual production?

Unfortunately, no – we specialize in putting your ads out there in the most efficient way possible, but you should either reach out via Reddit to graphic designers or hire someone via Fiverr.

Do I need to own a company or LLC to advertise?

No, although our platform will ask you for your company info, you can simply put the details of the coin there and your account will be approved.

Why should we trust you? 

Great question – first of all, we’re a startup, so all we have is our reputation. Secondly, we’ve already helped Safemoon and others get better deals on their billboard campaigns. You can reach out to them, or check Reddit. Thirdly, we’re the ones who started the billboard craze with GameStop, so let’s just say we have skin in the game.

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