VIOOH x TPS Engage

VIOOH and TPS Engage announce global partnership to enable performance driven, self-service advertising on JCDecaux inventory

In a move to unify and offer transparency in the world of Digital Out of Home (DOOH), VIOOH, a leading global marketplace and TPS Engage, the performance driven self-service DOOH Demand Side Platform, have announced a strategic partnership. 


The collaboration will make VIOOH’s inventory which includes exclusive access to JCDecaux’s digital inventory globally, bookable through the TPS Engage platform, allowing advertisers to plan contextual campaigns and buy standardized hourly media slots on thousands of screens in top markets around the world such as the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and more. 

VIOOH x TPS EngageThis marks the first time inventory via the VIOOH platform will be available in a contextual and self-service trading model on a major network-agnostic DSP platform. In addition, the partnership allows advertisers to plan their own performance driven dynamic campaigns using any type of data trigger, such as visual sensors, mobile data or even integrating the advertiser’s own data sources. 


In today’s hyper-connected multi-device world, efficient campaigns are becoming increasingly complex and require personalisation, as well as scrutinous A/B testing of messages, contextual placement and visuals. Through partnerships such as these, Digital Out of Home is now offering more performance tools than ever to both traditional OOH advertisers and companies that are just now testing out the channel for their brand. 


“Programmatic trading continues to drive strong growth in digital out of home,'' said Jean-Christophe Conti, CEO at VIOOH. “In today’s fast-moving and uncertain climate, providing access to targeted, flexible and measurable digital out of home inventory has never been more vital to delivering effective campaigns. TPS Engage’s self-service offer adds another layer of accessibility to the mix for advertisers and we’re delighted to be partnering with them on a global scale.”


“VIOOH is one of the most versatile platforms in the market and through its connection to various networks, including JCDecaux’s coveted inventory, is a cornerstone of tech innovation in the industry. Partners such as them make us hopeful for the future of DOOH and we’re happy we share a common vision in what the ecosystem should look like for both media owners and advertisers” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO. 

Adsquare and TPS Engage partner to offer advertisers more accountability and scalability on running data-driven Digital Out of Home campaigns

The challenge of Out of Home has always been to use data effectively when planning their campaigns. With the rapid adoption of Digital Out of Home, technology companies have also developed tools to allow advertisers to treat their OOH campaigns more like performance-driven initiatives rather than long-term branding ones. 

Adsquare is solving the challenges of OOH advertising by aggregating spatial data, mobile audience data and movement data and allowing marketers to easily combine these data types for improved campaign planning, programmatic DOOH activation, multi- device retargeting, measurement and insights.

Adsquare provides access to millions of points of interest, census data as well as audience data including interests, brand affinities, place visitations and validated demographics that are optimized to outperform industry benchmarks.

The data that Adsquare provides can now be leveraged within TPS Engage’s DOOH DSP that services over 100.000 digital billboards in 25 countries. The TPS Engage open platform will allow customers to plan their campaigns using Adsquare’s data. 

Through this partnership, advertisers can use privacy-compliant Adsquare segments to cross-reference TPS Engage connected screens and reach consumers with a higher affinity for certain categories, such as retail, FMCG, CPG, automotive and more.

In a post-COVID-19 world, using data for planning OOH campaigns is more important than ever, as it ensures clients are aware of the reality of each market. In addition, TPS Engage empowers brands to deliver dynamic content on Digital Out of Home screens. This has been shown to deliver outstanding results, with multiple studies showing a double digit increase in ad recall, brand equity and memorability. TPS Engage’s own data has linked work done for Samsung to a double digit increase for in-store sales. 

“Data and flexibility are the key drivers of DOOH in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic still taking a toll on traditional media buyers, we’ve seen more and more advertisers push for data accountability and planning possibilities for Digital Out of Home. Partnerships like the one we’re announcing today with Adsquare are a huge step forward in transforming the industry into a more data-driven one” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO. 

“The demand for data in OOH has skyrocketed in the past 9 months and we’re thrilled to be working with specialized DSPs such as TPS Engage in order to help the industry fulfill this growing demand. Just like online advertising, OOH now has the possibility to be treated like a more flexible marketing channel - this has been possible through smarter, data-driven solutions.” said Tom Laband, CEO & Co-Founder at Adsquare.


Planning dynamic campaigns using TPS Engage’s dynamic possibilities and Adsquare’s data is possible on demand for clients.


About Adsquare 

Adsquare is the Real-Time Data Exchange that gives advertisers access to accurate data at scale. The self-service platform has been built mobile- first and enables more relevant campaigns based on audiences and their context. It offers seamless access to multiple data dimensions for more effective targeting, measurement and insights and has been developed with privacy at its core.

Headquartered in Berlin, the company operates worldwide with additional offices in New York, Madrid, London, Paris, Milan and Singapore.

For more information visit or contact


About TPS Engage

TPS Engage is a dynamic self-service DOOH programmatic DSP that works with over 100.000 digital outdoor and indoor screens in 25 countries, with its main offices in New York, Dubai, Seoul and Bucharest. The ad-tech solution allows advertisers to increase Digital Out of Home campaign performance by allowing micro-buying hourly slots and dynamic content to be played based on any type of data trigger (real time sales, demographics, traffic, weather, time of day or even mobile behaviour). For DOOH media owners, TPS Engage provides an opportunity to generate alternative revenue sources by accessing available screen inventory. TPS Engage works directly with clients such as Samsung, P&G, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Uber Eats, Deutsche Telekom, Foodpanda, Jaguar, H&M and more. Read more or create an account by visiting

MFour and TPS Engage announce partnership to enhance ROI tracking in Digital Out of Home

Gone are the days when Out Of Home was unmeasurable.

Technology that pioneered the digital advertising boom has been adapted by traditional channels like OOH. More specifically, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), that now allows micro-buying and dynamic ads, features that were unheard of only a decade ago.

Companies like MFour take the stakes even higher, allowing you to create audiences of exposed vs unexposed customers and track the impact of DOOH even further than sales or impressions. Put together with tools that enable dynamic buying and content delivery in the DOOH space, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine being able to leverage mobile technology to measure purchase intent, brand equity or even NPS and see exactly how much a targeted DOOH campaign moved the needle in your favour.


Through the unique offering of TPS Engage - a leading programmatic DSP that allows real time dynamic advertising and micro-buying on over 100.000 screens worldwide -  and MFour - the nation’s largest, highest-rated, market research app - clients can now automatically include in-depth market surveys in their Digital Out of Home campaigns in the United States.


Having built America’s largest, most engaged mobile panel with 10 million daily consumer journeys, MFour will provide TPS Engage clients with the possibility to track consumer feedback in real-time against any relevant business KPIs, not only awareness or ad recall.


“Consumer behavior is changing rapidly. It requires faster, validated research, and to get that, we need to meet consumers where they are...on their smartphones. TPS Engage understands that and we are thrilled to partner with them," said Chris St. Hilaire, MFour CEO.


“Actionable data is a core attribute of TPS Engage - without it, we’d have numbers to show in a spreadsheet, but know nothing about what really influenced a brand’s audience. Together with MFour, we’re thrilled to be adding another building block to a future where DOOH reaches its true potential,” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO.


The companies are offering their joint services to clients that book new campaigns starting with July 2020. For more information, please contact your MFour or TPS Engage representative.

SpaceAdd and TPS Engage announce a partnership to enable dynamic DOOH campaigns in South Korea

Large SpaceAdd Screen in Seoul Kids’ Cafe

The world of Digital Out of Home is becoming more connected, measurable and dynamic. Media owners with their eyes on the future are preparing their businesses for the new trends that will change the way DOOH is planned and bought.

TPS Engage, the largest cross-border contextual Digital Out of Home marketplace, is thrilled to announce a partnership with SpaceAdd, the leading DOOH media network for premium locations in South Korea.

Through this partnership, the two companies will work together to provide advertisers with global access, making SpaceAdd available inventory easily purchasable from the TPS Engage platform and dynamic planning capabilities, allowing clients to plan & run contextual creatives based on rule sets such as demographical data, weather, time of day, pollution, online analytics, sales and many more.

In addition, global and local advertisers will be able to book micro-campaigns of as little as 1 hour and efficiently react to the ever changing context in real time.

SpaceAdd Screens in Premium Golf Clubs

“At SpaceAdd, we’ve been able to secure such competitive and unique locations by always providing space owners with additional value through Digital Signage screens. Enhancing this value with a global technology platform like TPS Engage is providing was the next natural step” said Chang Keun Oh, SpaceAdd CEO.

“The DOOH market in Asia and specifically Korea is one of a kind. SpaceAdd manages to combine a unique appetite for expansion by constantly growing their number of screens in key locations with an understanding of technology and the media industry. We’re thrilled to be collaborating and making DOOH better together” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO.

SpaceAdd screens will soon be available in the TPS Engage platform and registered advertisers will be notified of the update once it is live.

Want to chat more about Digital Out of Home opportunities in Asia? Reach out.

About SpaceAdd

SpaceAdd operates almost 10.000 digital screens in niche indoor locations such as premium gyms, golf clubs, kids cafes, beauty centres, libraries, car service centres, restaurants, bars and clubs in South Korea, reaching a monthly audience of over 8.000.000 people.

What is Digital Out of Home (DOOH)?

Note: This post was initially published on our Medium blog. The article you are reading here has been updated to better reflect a post COVID-19 world. 

Outdoor advertising and quarantine measures 

The truth is the global coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the outdoor advertising industry. Traditional OOH has plummeted, with IAB estimating a -50% reduction in budgets going towards this channel. While Digital Out of Home has also been affected, it has seen less of an impact because of the relative ease of creating and planning new creatives.

Additionally, DOOH is also supported by ad-tech providing dynamic capabilities (such as TPS Engage), allowing advertisers to quickly execute international campaigns based on the quarantine status. We've even worked with governments in order to use DOOH as a real time channel and keep people informed with relevant statistics.

Simply put, if you're considering a DOOH campaign anywhere in the world, make sure you truly understand the context of each market. We recommend planning short term campaigns so that you can easily adapt based on the global situation. We'd be happy to help, feel free to reach out.

Now back to the original topic... 

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) refers to any type of digital billboards used for advertising — be it indoor or outdoor. This is the really short answer. Why you should care and why Digital Out Of Home can be perfect for your business, that’s another story. We’ll tell you all about it, no worries.

First things first:

Fun fact: the word “billboard” originally meant “any sort of board where bills were meant to be posted,” 1845, American English, from bill (n.1) “written public notice”.

Before DOOH, it was OOH, you might be more familiar with this term. It means Out Of Home. In advertising, this refers to all the billboards and panels that you can see outside your home. They can be any size, and their location can also vary: from interstates, airports, city streets, malls, or bus stations, but also advertising panels on taxies, buses, trains, in pubs, restaurants or other establishments.

Digital Out Of Home, DOOH, is OOH but all digital, of course, and it’s the hottest trend on the market. The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Out of Home Buyer’s Guide defined DOOH from a single image electronic displays to full motion videos in a variety of formats, that can (but do not always) allow interaction via touchscreen, NFC, iBeacon, mobile phone, or other digital channels.

As you probably noticed, DOOH is everywhere, is fun, dynamic, catches the eye, and if done smart, catches the heart as well. In this day and age, there is a tendency to think that the online stole the show and all good adverting is made exclusively on the small screens (tablets and smartphones). The good news is that this is not true. OOH made a huge comeback with the help of Digital Out of Home, and the most prominent companies around the world are readjusting their budgets with an extra focus on it.

Why? The numbers speak better than words in this case.

In a research made by Nielsen, the graphics show us that about 60% of Americans see a digital billboard each month. According to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2017–2021, the DOOH market is projected to reach $5.1 billion by 2021 and will constitute nearly half of all OOH revenue in the US. In other markets, DOOH has already surpassed traditional outdoor advertising.

How to use DOOH properly for your business




Photo by Evonics from Pexels

How to buy media with DOOH if you are a small business

How do you measure your success?

1. Custom creatives for various contexts (day, night, weather) - with dynamic tech like TPS Engage provides, even your own data (such as website traffic behaviour) can be a trigger for what type of content you show on screens

2. Adaptive message for each screen location (transit, interstate billboard, mall totems etc.)

3. Complimentary online campaign with a clear CTA (discount or other benefit) to capitalise on the interest generated by digital screens

To recap, make your first DOOH campaign a success considering these aspects:

Consistency — This is again about the story that we were telling you before. Make sure is the same story, adapted to the context and screen

Display — There are other displays out there, not only billboards. See the list when you sign up and choose wisely

Info — Make sure that you communicate real information about your business, that is representative and makes you stand out in the crowd.

The future of DOOH is bright, so make the most of it and use it for your business. TPS Engage is a platform that already connects over 100.000 screens in the US, Europe, MENA and APAC regions. 

Register for free to see how the platform can work for you!

With the addition of Burger King, TPS Engage has now helped brands easily access inventory on 3 different continents

Our mission has always been to bring the ease of access, dynamic settings and transparency that online advertising has to the offline world. More specifically, to Digital Out of Home.

This is, of course, a simple enough statement, but a challenge when it comes to implementation.

In the past years, we’ve had tremendous success on our journey and we wanted to take this moment to thank some of international clients, brands and business that used TPS Engage to take their message international.

With their help, we’ve had cross border campaigns in Europe, Asia and the US.

Since TPS Engage has access to over 60.000 screens in 25 countries, we are now one step closer to making Digital Out of Home simpler to access, more affordable and measurable.

In addition to Burger King in the UK, we’ve helped international companies book inventory in Times Square and Seoul on some of the largest and most visible DOOH screens.

CASE STUDY: Using TPS Engage to generate up to +54% revenue per month per digital billboard

In case you’re new here, let us introduce ourselves: TPS Engage is a software solution for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) that allows companies to execute dynamic advertising (using public, proprietary or client data) on digital screens and offers enhanced analytics in order to track and improve performance.

TPS Engage is a Techstars company and with offices in New York, Seoul, Dubai and Bucharest.

As many people in the DOOH industry know, the ramp up process in this industry is extremely long. A good way to shorten this is to provide technology both to network operators and advertisers, which is exactly what we specialise in.

For network operators: comprehensive analytics and cameras that can offer real time data such as demographics and more

For advertisers: custom dynamic deliveryeasy planning, minimum 1 hour buy in and comprehensive analytics

As we currently work with over 100.000 digital screens in 25 countries, focusing on unsold inventory, we wanted to showcase some of the benefits of networks working directly with TPS Engage.

Looking at outdoor digital billboards, we first wanted to look at some international benchmarks. In Outfront Media’s 2018 earnings call, they reported having 1015 digital billboards and averaging $13,760 revenue per screen, a very slight increase compared to 2017 (source).

Outfront Media ’18 Earnings

Our model is entirely different, since we do not own any screens, but simply use technology to enhance the performance of DOOH. Interesting enough, when comparing our average results for a network that worked with us to those of Outfront Media, we saw a huge difference:

Simply put, we saw a 54% increase in average monthly revenue per digital billboard for one of our partner networks a few months after they added our tech stack — which comes at no cost.

We know, it seems too good to be true. So we went deeper. Our analysis showed there are 3 key factors that contributed to the high revenue per screen:

· Crowd personalisation to increase ad efficiency (our solution focuses on making sure you serve the right message at, the right time, to the right audience)

· Real time data & custom integration with client data (making performance much easier to measure)

· Minimum 1 hour buy in (making the medium available to SMBs and other small players who can use part of their digital budgets on DOOH)

Interesting enough, over 50% of our clients have never advertised on outdoor (digital or classic) before. This is where the real opportunity is, not going after the classic “outdoor budget”, but offering complex, yet easy to use solutions, to clients which are more performance based. These advertisers are willing to use any channel as long as its impact and efficiency is measurable and scalable.

If you’re a network trying to diversify your revenue streams, we’d love to help — our model offers you all the tech and none of the financial risk.

If you’re an advertiser trying to get better (or at least measurable) results from your campaigns, keep in mind that online advertising isn’t the only channel that offers metrics and analytics anymore.

You’d be surprised how well diversifying channels can work for your brand, all you need is the right know how and technology to be able to spend smart and track your results.

TPS Engage partners with Korea’s largest ERP provider — CY, INC.

CY, INCis a subsidiary company part of BSG Partners, which has been providing results oriented SAP solutions for the past 18 years in South Korea and abroad.

CY, INC. offers turnkey integrated solutions for ERP as well as other complex IT integrations for large scale enterprises. CY’s solutions have been applied for clients such as Samsung, Hyunday, LG, Hanwha Group, AmoraPacific and more.

Through the partnership with TPS Engage, both companies are able to expand their portfolio and offer client’s an easy way to integrate their own data within Digital Out of Home campaigns in Korea and abroad.

“Being data driven in today’s world is not an option anymore, it’s mandatory. However, just having access to data is rarely enough — it’s just as important how you put that data to use in real time, unless you’re in the library or data collection business. Our partnership with CY INC. allows us to do exactly that for our common clients, apply their data expertise to real world scenarios and optimise their offline presence through the use of Digital Out of Home” said Matei Psatta, TPS Engage CMO.

“Clients are demanding more and more from their IT partners. They expect and should receive an integrated solution that is easy to deploy, can work in multiple scenarios and solves more than one specific problem. Our SAAS model allows us to offer this to any client in the world and the partnership with TPS Engage means that we can solve another important problem — marketing accountability and efficiency in the offline world” said Suhwan Jung, CY, INC. Sales Representative.

The joint solution is currently being piloted in South Korea.

Flash update: consolidating our presence in Canada through SQREEN’s digital signage network

Sqreen Digital is one of the fastest expanding networks in the Greater Toronto Area, providing over 120 screens in +80 locations such Restobars, Subway and other transit, Malls, Supermarkets and Athletic Centers.

Their network provides unique advertising opportunities in the region, with over 4 million monthly impressions and growing.

The partnership between TPS Engage and Sqreen Digital provides advertisers with two main benefits — simple access to planning and the possibility to automatically deliver dynamic content based on public or own data in order to increase ad recall and performance.

“We’re always thrilled to offer old and new clients alike innovative possibilities to deliver better ads to a more engaged audience. That’s exactly what TPS is helping us do while we provide the vetted inventory in key premium locations and the local know how” said Jake Lupal, Sqreen Digital Vice President.

“Canada and on-premise advertising are a match made in heaven — the appetite for technology and combination of strategically placed inventory already has proven results, we’re just taking it to the next step by providing new possibilities in a world where you need to make sure you’re showing the right message, at the right time to the right people” said Sergiu Gruita, TPS Engage CCO.

TPS Engage and NEPI Rockcastle — Partnership Announcement

NEPI Rockcastle is the leading property investment and development group in CEE, having 56 properties in the region.


We are excited to announce that TPS Engage will also sell advertising space on the NRP network of 124 screens, totems and LEDs.

This will ultimately lead to a better solution for advertisers, with the possibility to book on TPS Engage platform. Moreover, the extremely advantageous placement right next to a variety of brick & mortar shops will mean the possibility to A/B test campaigns on Digital Out Of Home and directly link their impact in sales for the first time.

“We’re constantly looking to improve the experience of our clients and tenants, be it through valuable information so their visits is more pleasant or solutions to improve tenants’ sales & marketing efforts. NEPI Rockcastle prides itself with being at the forefront of technology, so partnering with companies like TPS Engage to offer a unique solution to our advertising clients is perfectly in line with our vision for the malls of the future”, said Iulia Mihail, Group Media Sales Manager.

Including NEPI Rockcastle, which will soon be available within our platformTPS Engage has now integrated over half of Romania’s Digital Out Of Home inventory.

Curious to learn more about our partnership with NEPI Rockcastle? Reach out at