Digital billboards in Chicago at unbeatable prices

January 10, 2022 |

Advertisement plays an important role in businesses. Just like other forms of human communication and information dissemination, billboards have also evolved with time. Nowadays, modern technologies such as changing messages and analytics on these billboards are used which enables them to attract the attention of more customers leading to better sales for companies.

Did you know in Chicago, where real estate is very expensive, many local businesses are getting their adverts displayed to thousands of people daily on digital billboards? Digital billboard advertising is a cost-effective way for companies to place ads in the city, offering big visibility and reaching drivers before they enter congested traffic. Digital screens are by far the most popular form of advertising because they have the highest visibility score in terms of reach. They offer unparalleled impact with unlimited possibilities for customization through full control over content, colors, and time duration.

There are many types of advertisements that can go on a digital billboard, and they all have varying rates. But don’t worry, with the TPS Engage platform you will always find billboards all over Chicago at prices for practically any pocket. Curious to see some of the most popular billboards we have in Chicago? Then read on below and see some good examples of digital screens we offer here.


These next digital screens are placed all over downtown Chicago, attracting thousands of impressions per hour each. Placed on roads and junctions with high traffic every day, these popular billboards will sure get you noticed in no time. You can discover them and much more on our platform where you could book one between $2 and 12$ per hour.

Chicago digital billboard 1 with TPS Engage


Or you could always choose from one of the many spectacular billboards placed alongside important roads and highways in Chicago, and you could book them also starting from $2 to $12 per hour only through our platform.


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