How it works

We use dynamic triggers based on any available data source in order to show relevant content on worldwide DOOH screens and increase ROI.

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We use public, proprietary, or client data sources as a trigger to decide what content to show. Anything from real-time pollution to sales data can be a content trigger. Find out more ->>

Hourly Slots

We work on hourly slots with no minimum buy-in, meaning you can buy as little as 1 hour on over 300.000 screens in 36 countries connected to the TPS Engage platform.

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Campaigns at Scale

One data integration allows our clients to run large-scale dynamic campaigns based on their own data, making DOOH more effective and efficient based on each client’s needs. Find out more ->>

Why TPS Engage?

Making your campaigns stand out!

We use DOOH to get people excited by what’s around them by letting you make better ads and showing them in the right context.

We use DOOH to get people excited by what’s around them by letting you make better ads and showing them in the right context.

+100,000,000 Dynamic Content Ran
+80% average additional ROI
+150,000,000 data points processed

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What our clients think about us

Testimonial Andrew Gazdecki

These guys are amazing, I can’t recommend them enough!

Founder, MicroAcquire

Andrew Gazdecki

Testimonial Kyle Hagge

This got so many people at Morning Brew excited, it’s crazy easy and affordable to use!

Community Editor, Morning Brew

Kyle Hagge

Testimonial Laura Savu

TPS Engage allowed us to move fast and customize our DOOH campaign to perfectly fit our needs. It was almost as easy as making your first TikTok!

Global Community Manager, TikTok

Laura Savu

Testimonial Erika Ferszt

TPS Engage is any entrepreneur/small business’ dream come true. The ability to access some of the world’s most incredible outdoor spaces from your living room at unbelievable prices. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know and they’ve all been shocked at how amazing it is.

Founder, Moodally

Erika Ferszt

Testimonial Cristina Samson

TPS Engage enabled us to easily advertise on in-store screens and create flexible plans tailored for multiple brands, that delivered great results.

Shopper Marketing Specialist, Unilever

Cristina Samson

Testimonial Luca Pannese

If what TPS Engage is doing was possible 20 years ago the whole outdoor marketing world would be lightyears ahead!

Executive Creative Director, SMALL

Luca Pannese

Testimonial Titus Capilnean

We were looking to run hyper-targeted campaigns in very specific geographic locations, given our target market. TPS Engage enabled us to access digital billboards quickly and effectively and for the campaign duration we needed.

Director, Corporate Marketing, Appen

Titus Capilnean

Testimonial Andrew Watts

TPS Engage allowed me to book inventory that other platforms weren’t able to uncover at incredibly affordable rates on a short timeline.

Marketing Lead, NUGGS/SIMULATE

Andrew Watts

Testimonial Jasmin Ratansi

This is a game-changer.

Director, Marketing + Branding, Doggystyle Records

Jasmin Ratansi