Digital billboards in New York – now affordable for everyone with TPS Engage

March 17, 2021 | TPS Engage

Updated on July 21st, 2021

Digital billboards in New York – now affordable for everyone

Iiin Neeew Yooork! –

– There are a lot of digital billboards!

There is no better place in the world to think about outdoor advertising other than New York. All the iconic advertisements, Times Square, big brands, and flashing lights make New York an outdoor ad platform.

With the iconic Madison Avenue and the “Mad Men” branding New York as “the ad-city,” you’d come to think that getting a billboard in New York to advertise your brand would be something you can only dream of if you’re not a big or important brand. Well, you might be surprised to find out that it isn’t the case anymore.

Read on, and we’ll take you on tour through New York’s billboardscape to show you what’s what and how much.

It’s TIMEs²(-d)

If you didn’t get it, this section is all about Times Square.

It’s probably the most iconic location for outdoor advertising in the world, and it can ring a bell even to the most unfamiliar of people with advertising or New York. 

It’s outdoor advertising and digital-billboard central since it’s such a busy place where people from all walks of life pass around every day. According to statistics from Outfront Media, using outdoor advertising in New York can help you reach up to 99% of the population weekly.

All the big brands compete for a spot in Times Square, bringing out their top creatives and messaging to engage the crowds that are passing by. You can basically imagine a gladiator arena where everyone gets their turn to show off their muscles and skills. However, only those who truly shine will get the crowd’s attention because the place is packed with screens and many messages displaying simultaneously.

Top billboards available for everyone?

You might be tempted to think that getting your brand up onto a billboard in New York will cost you a fortune. While that may have been true in the past, nowadays, technology is opening up digital billboards to all companies, not just big brands.


Woah, wait a second… So you don’t really mean to say that those Times Square screens can be accessible to any kind of company?


Wanna bet?

What you see below is one of the most famous screens in New York’s Times Squares, Thomson Reuters, and it will only cost you around $170/hour.


Thomson Reuters billboard in Times Square


Wait! What?

Yeah, you read right. Only $170/hour for a famous billboard in Times Square! And since we’re on the subject, the NASDAQ billboard can also be booked at similar rates (216$/hour, minimum 10 hours)!




TPS meme impossible


Thanks to our neat tool, TPS Engage, we’ve managed to open up the outdoor advertising market and allow any kind of company to enter the game by enabling hourly buying without a minimum buy-in.


*Scratches head*


TPS meme One does not simply


Or does one? It’s something that can be pretty mind-boggling at first, but we guarantee there’s no B.S. involved whatsoever. In fact, you can create an account right now, free of cost, and see our New York billboard selection for yourself.

Let’s take a look at another neat example from our bag o’billboards. Below you’ll see another screen that sits comfortably atop Astoria Boulevard, providing drivers with an incredible sight as they cruise by their daily routes.


Astoria Boulevard Billboard


Wouldn’t it be great to have your ad flashing over there at a fraction of the regular bulk-media price? You can place your ad here starting from around 4$/hour.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of Times Square “most-wanted”:

#1. The Thomson Reuters billboard is one hell of a display-beast. Standing tall next to Times Square One, the famous digital billboard that you’ve seen in every New Year celebration, this screen is a guaranteed way to attract attention and make a statement. And now you can book it for only 170$ dollars/hour (10 hours/100 plays minimum) through our platform!

Thomson Reuters billboard in New York Times Square


#2. The Nasdaq LED display is another example of jaw-dropping-class digital displays. Standing at over seven stories tall, the Nasdaq LED attracts the eyes of all that pedestrian traffic that goes in and out of the USA’s number 1 tourist attraction. With about 2160$, you can have your ad run here 1 hour a day for ten days.

Nasdaq billboard

#3. Times Square One is definitely an eye-catcher. Boasting 310 foot tall LED, this spectacular display is designed to make sure you send a statement that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Times Square One New York


#4. The Beast. Placed right above the Mcdonald’s restaurant in Times Square, it is seven stories high and with an audience of over 350.000 people daily is definitely among the most spectacular and most popular displays in New York.  You can book it on our platform for about 470$/hour (minimum booking time is 36 hours).

The Beast billboard


Liberalizing the digital billboard market in N.Y.

 Outdoor advertising hot spots such as New York are prime locations for brands to deploy their ads and boast their creative prowess. Naturally, outdoor advertisers are taking advantage of that and are charging big bucks for their screens, playing alongside the big media agencies to protect the market.

If you’d buy the classical way, a billboard/month/ad will easily set you back over $100.000/month, not to mention the agency fees that you would be putting on top of that.

With TPS Engage’s tool, you can bypass the old model of media-buying and just buy hourly slots on digital billboards, smartly programming your ads to activate your audience precisely at the right time, exactly where you want it. This way, you’ll not be spending a fortune on outdoor ads. Instead, you’ll have access to a media channel that was previously locked down by big spendings while also getting some kick-ass ROI to go with it.

Outdoor advertising and digital billboards aren’t the playgrounds of big-budget brands anymore. Anyone in your marketing department, heck, even your grandma, can now buy an ad in Times Square just by making a few clicks and putting up some nice content.


TPS Engage Ad in NY meme


We ❤️ New York too.

If you love New York as much as we do, you’ve probably had a fun time reading through this. If you’re also an advertising fan, you probably enjoyed it even more. If you’re considering advertising on a billboard in New York, you can sign-up right now and have your ad running on a screen in Times Square in no time.

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