SpaceAdd and TPS Engage announce a partnership to enable dynamic DOOH campaigns in South Korea

May 19, 2020 | TPS Engage

The world of Digital Out of Home is becoming more connected, measurable and dynamic. Media owners with their eyes on the future are preparing their businesses for the new trends that will change the way DOOH is planned and bought.

TPS Engage, the largest cross-border contextual Digital Out of Home marketplace, is thrilled to announce a partnership with SpaceAdd, the leading DOOH media network for premium locations in South Korea.

Through this partnership, the two companies will work together to provide advertisers with global access, making SpaceAdd available inventory easily purchasable from the TPS Engage platform and dynamic planning capabilities, allowing clients to plan & run contextual creatives based on rule sets such as demographical data, weather, time of day, pollution, online analytics, sales and many more.

In addition, global and local advertisers will be able to book micro-campaigns of as little as 1 hour and efficiently react to the ever changing context in real time.

SpaceAdd preview
SpaceAdd Screens in Premium Golf Clubs

“At SpaceAdd, we’ve been able to secure such competitive and unique locations by always providing space owners with additional value through Digital Signage screens. Enhancing this value with a global technology platform like TPS Engage is providing was the next natural step” said Chang Keun Oh, SpaceAdd CEO.

“The DOOH market in Asia and specifically Korea is one of a kind. SpaceAdd manages to combine a unique appetite for expansion by constantly growing their number of screens in key locations with an understanding of technology and the media industry. We’re thrilled to be collaborating and making DOOH better together” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO.

SpaceAdd screens will soon be available in the TPS Engage platform and registered advertisers will be notified of the update once it is live.

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About SpaceAdd

SpaceAdd operates almost 10.000 digital screens in niche indoor locations such as premium gyms, golf clubs, kids cafes, beauty centres, libraries, car service centres, restaurants, bars and clubs in South Korea, reaching a monthly audience of over 8.000.000 people.

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