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July 30, 2021 | TPS Engage

You’ve seen them. They’re up in Times Square, on the facades of all the high street shops and famous buildings. Digital billboards that deliver a message to anyone within their LOS (line of sight) and capture attention like nothing else!

The tall, bright, and colorful displays are often a meeting place for New Yorkers and tourists. And for good reason! There are a lot of digital billboards in the Big Apple.

Times Square is one of the largest and most famous advertising sites in the world. Here are a few of the most famous ones: 

  • One Times Square is probably the most known digital billboard in the world. This is where the New Year’s Eve “Ball Drop” happens every year and has become a focal point in the capital of billboards.

The Spectacular Times Square One billboard


This screen is available for daily booking, not hourly. It reaches tens of millions of people each day and thus making it the most expensive display in Times Square. But think of the impact you could make on such a monstrous screen. Through our platform, you can create a free account and book such a screen in only a couple of minutes. You can also see and compare prices.

Times Square is the most prime location in New York City. It’s a spot that literally millions of people walk by each day, many of them tourists from all over the world and outdoor advertising is one of the most powerful marketing channels in existence. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of advertising to ensure that your brand hits home and stays implanted in people’s minds for a long time.

Everyone wants to get on one of these billboards. Most people think that only big companies and brands get to have an ad on those billboards. But it’s far from the truth. With TPS Engage’s tool, you can book hourly slots on digital billboards in all Times Square at extremely affordable prices. You can plan your ads fast and smart to engage your audience at the right time. With us, you will have access to a media channel that in the past was restricted by big spendings, and now could cost you as much as a regular online ad campaign, and so simple that even your child could book such spectacular billboards. The return on investment is guaranteed when advertising in Times Square.


Now, let’s take a look at other Times Square famous billboards:

  • Thomson Reutersa 30,000 square feet of HD LED video screens and sky-high displays, is surely a game-changer for you and for the people who see it. Don’t fret because such a billboard can be booked on our platform starting from only 171$/hour (10 hours/100 plays minimum).

The Spectacular Thomson Reuters billboard


Got your attention yet? Well, sit tight cause we have a lot more for you.


  • Nasdaq Tower Standing at over seven stories tall, the Nasdaq LED attracts everyone’s attention, and it’s for sure one of the most amazing screens to advertise on in all that billboard arena that is Times Square. You can book it now for only 216$/hour (10 hours/100 plays minimum).

The Spectacular Nasdaq billboard

  • The Beast Placed right above the Mcdonald’s restaurant in the heart of Times Square at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue, it is seven stories high and with an audience of over 350.000 people daily is definitely among the most spectacular and most popular displays in New York. It can display at 4K resolutions.  You can book it on our platform for about 470$/hour (minimum booking time is 36 hours).

The famous Beast billboard NY


  • Bryant Park Located between 6th Avenue and Broadway dominating the busy area between Bryant Park and Times Square, with an estimated weekly reach of over 3 million people, is for sure one of the best billboards to advertise on. You can book it for only 54$/hour (10 hours/100 plays minimum).

The spectacular Bryant Park billboard in New York



  • If you’re looking for a billboard outside Times Square that is also placed in a high-traffic area you can choose Penn Station. This is the main intercity railroad station in New York, serving more than 600.000 passengers per weekday. Located beneath Madison Square Garden you could book this spectacular billboard for only around 265$/hour (minimum booking time is 60 hours).

Penn Station billboard NYC


Times Square is the most famous place in New York and also one of the most amazing places to buy advertising space. Through TPS Engage’s platform, anyone can buy their own slice of this prime location and tap into a consumer base of millions of people.

Sign-up right now and have your ad running in Times Square in no time at prices accessible for every pocket.

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